Explore Wireless Presentation Display with Matt & Louie

Matt Smith and Louie Fisher will demonstrate why the ViewSonic Wireless Presentation Display is an ideal solution for your meeting rooms.



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4K Wireless Presentation Display Solution The ViewSonic® CDE Model Series 4K Wireless Presentation Display. The built-in screen sharing software, ViewBoard® Cast and myViewBoard Display, enable multiple users, whether on-site or on-line, to participate in conferences and share content with each other simultaneously, transforming the CDE model series into a dynamic content hub.
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Wireless Presentation Display A wireless presentation display (WPD) is a display hardware that has built-in features for wireless connectivity, screen sharing, and an integrated multimedia display.  Content sharing is much easier as it does not require any dongles or app installations. It also enables you to perform instant casting so easily and swiftly, just by opening a browser.
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