What can you do to drive reliability in the classroom?


Finding budget-friendly technology to equip individual classrooms with is an unavoidable hurdle to jump over, and there are many things to consider if you want to ensure maximum reliability for educators and their young charges.

Proper Training

Making sure teachers know how to use the educational technology you provide them with is vital if you want to minimise mistakes and accidental mishandling of materials.

For one thing, not understanding how to use a piece of technology can cause delays in the teaching process, which will set teachers back in their lesson plans and result in unnecessary frustration. Plus, students will lose interest in the lesson and have a much lower level of overall engagement with the lecture.

Additionally, mishandling of equipment can lead to avoidable maintenance problems, which can cause the technology you purchase to decay more quickly than it should.

Comprehensive Interfaces

No classroom is the same, and equipment that is too high-tech or extremely advanced can cause a variety of issues. Dealing with technology that is incompatible with existing classroom inputs is annoying, and it can also be confusing for teachers to try to learn how to work with technology that has a slew of complicated ports.

It’s important to find technology that has ports teachers and students will be familiar with, such as USB and HDMI. You may also want to be able to plug a classroom laptop or mobile device into a projector in order to display something (an educational video or YouTube clip, for example) that will supplement your lesson.

Lampless Technology

One of the most common culprits of unreliability in the classroom is something many people don’t consider (or simply forget about), which is the light bulb in your projector. When you consider the cost of replacing lamps, in addition to the expense of hiring a maintenance technician to come out and change it properly, the bills quickly add up. It can wreak unnecessary havoc on an IT budget.

That’s why you need to demand laser technology. It will deliver thousands of hours of worry-free projection — with image brightness that lasts much longer than with lamp based technology. Gone will be the days of putting a lesson on hold for something as minute as a light bulb, and your lessons can proceed without a hitch.

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