Unveiling the Perfect Fit for Enterprise and Education with ScreenBeam Solutions

ScreenBeam Inc., a leading provider of wireless display and collaboration solutions, offers app-free screen sharing across all modern devices, revolutionising wireless collaboration in meeting spaces and classrooms. As Microsoft's co-engineering partner for wireless display, ScreenBeam enables seamless wireless Office 365 experiences.

ScreenBeam 1100 Plus offers the ultimate wireless collaboration solution for the professional AV industry.

Enterprises and Education Facilities can effortlessly connect wireless collaboration devices to both guest and enterprise networks. This allows for simultaneous guest Internet connectivity and secure employee access while maintaining isolation for accessing enterprise network resources. ScreenBeam offers the following features to support this configuration:

  1. Miracast P2P for guest or employee users via P2P wireless.
  2. Miracast Infrastructure and iOS/macOS screen mirroring for employees via enterprise employee network Wi-Fi access point.
  3. Miracast Infrastructure and iOS/macOS screen mirroring for guests via enterprise guest network Wi-Fi access point.
  4. Touch screen support for Windows 10 Miracast users via USB to the display.
  5. Easy on-screen instructions for connecting via either protocol.

With ScreenBeam, wireless collaboration becomes effortless, secure, and user-friendly for enterprises and educational institutions.

In a quest to gain insight into the challenges faced by IT teams, ScreenBeam recently engaged in a conversation with the decision-makers at Palm Beach State College. With a strategic objective of equipping all rooms with hybrid learning capabilities, the dedicated team at Palm Beach State College has made significant strides by deploying nearly two hundred ScreenBeam 1100P devices.

Read more about this case study: Building a Hybrid Future - One college's quest for secure active-learning at scale.



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