Stay Safe with 2N Products

Smartphone is The Safe Key

The main topic is currently reducing physical contact with potentially contaminated objects. Your customer can open a door or unlock the selected floor in a lift safely with their mobile phones. All they need to do is change the setting of the Bluetooth reader to Tap In App Mode so they can authenticate remotely from 2N® Mobile Key app!

Where Touch Mode is preferred for its convenience, your customer can activate 2N Access Units with their elbow or through gloves. Then you can easily open the door or unlock a specific floor in the lift cabin.


Safe Contact with Patients

For medical staff is vitally important to stay in contact with their patients. Even with the infected ones. But each physical visit increases the risk to staff and decontamination after visits is very time-consuming. Let them communicate safely with their patients and minimise such visits!

Install a 2N IP intercom at the patient's bedside and let nurses communicate with them remotely. With any IP phone caregivers can talk to the patients and even see them. The patients can initiate calls by pressing a button on the IP intercom.


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