Simplifying Access Control with 2N's my2N App

Simplifying Access Control with 2N's my2N App: A Comprehensive Overview of its Features

Managing access control systems efficiently is crucial for businesses and organisations in today's fast-paced and technologically advanced world. 2N, a leading provider of access control solutions, has developed the my2N app to simplify the process and enhance security measures. 

Remote Access Management
One of the key features of the my2N app is the ability to manage access control systems remotely. Users can conveniently control and monitor their access points from anywhere, using their smartphones or tablets. Whether it's granting or revoking access, viewing event logs, or configuring settings, the app provides a user-friendly interface that streamlines the entire process. You don't need to know the SIP account, authentication proxy, or firmware version to set up calls. The My2N Management Platform makes it easy for anyone to manage the configuration.

Secure Mobile Credentials
With my2N, traditional physical access cards are replaced by secure mobile credentials. Users can now use their smartphones as digital

Give your residents a home they can stay in contact with no matter where they are. The My2N app allows them to answer video calls from IP intercoms remotely for a complete overview of attempted visits to their home. Plus – they’ll never miss a delivery again!



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