Ricoh Document Scanners - Nothing is changing but the name

In the fast-paced world of technology, few companies have consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation like Fujitsu. Over the years, they have delivered groundbreaking products that have redefined the industry. Now, as Ricoh Document Scanners, they promise to uphold that legacy of excellence, ensuring customers continue to experience unmatched performance, quality, and dedicated US-based customer support. Ricoh's commitment to customer-centric innovation carries forward the torch of Fujitsu's pioneering spirit, guaranteeing an exceptional experience in Image Quality, Document Handling, and Dependability.



A Legacy of Excellence: Expect Unchanging Innovation, Reliability, Quality, and Service!

Maintaining Unchanged Excellence
Unmatched Performance and Quality
Preserving Commitment to Customer Support
Driving Digitization with Uninterrupted Excellence

Why should a good thing be changed? As market-leading document scanners, the value of preserving a successful formula is recognized. The current state of RICOH R&D, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and service will remain unchanged, ensuring uninterrupted excellence in delivering powerful document scanning solutions. Through cloud-enabled technologies and cutting-edge innovations, businesses will continue to be empowered in their full embrace of digitization. The unwavering dedication to exceptional customer support will be preserved. With unchanged excellence, the digitization revolution will persist, propelling businesses toward a digitally optimized future.


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