National STEM School Education Strategy 2016–2026 gives funding for 3D printers

In 2015, all Australian education ministers agreed to the National STEM School Education Strategy 2016–2026, which focuses on foundation skills, developing mathematical, scientific and digital literacy, and promoting problem solving, critical analysis and creative thinking skills. The strategy aims to coordinate current activities and improve STEM education.

A STEM Partnerships Forum was established to support more efficient and effective partnerships between schools, industry, and the tertiary education sector, including:

  • establishing best-practice partnerships
  • increasing student involvement in effective school-based partnerships
  • increasing industry involvement in effective school-based partnerships
  • aligning initiatives
  • raising awareness of the importance of STEM education
  • improving careers advice on the importance and relevance of STEM skills
  • supporting greater collaboration between industry and STEM teachers.

So, what are Educators using MakerBot desktop 3D printers for?

  1. Stem programs, CAD and Advanced shop classes
  2. Architecture, engineering, and design curriculum and programs
  3. To make sure their students don't fall behind their peers
  4. To be competitive with other schools and universities
  5. To find a new way to engage and educate students

Questions to ask prospects

  1. Does your client have funding to implement or expand their STEM curriculum?
  2. Are they teaching any CAD classes? Digital design, art, engineering, or architecture classes?
  3. Are they looking for new and exciting ways to engage their students?
For 3D printing in education - MakerBot has a solution for you. Get in touch with our 3D experts today to discuss your clients STEM requirements.

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