Meet the new FIBARO implant


FIBARO launched a new product that is the only solution of its kind currently available on the market. FIBARO’s Smart Implant is a small (USB flash drive-sized) device that can turn almost any electronic appliance into an intuitive, wirelessly-operated smart device. Thanks to this simple solution, users can turn their old record players, VCRs or electronic furnaces into yet another component that is integrated with their smart home system.


Smart Implant is a solution aimed at do-it-yourself and vintage equipment enthusiasts as well as smart home system professionals. Its main purpose is to facilitate the wireless management of devices that didn’t have such an option in their original state. It’s an answer to the needs of customers who want to make their homes more modern without necessarily having to get rid of older but still well-functioning devices. A single Smart Implant module can work as and operate two physical buttons, and it’s possible to connect multiple modules to a single device. Thanks to the Smart Implant, users will be able to manage a device’s functions through their FIBARO smartphone or tablet app.

Responding to our customers’ needs and following currently popular trends for vintage design, we decided to further develop our UBS concept. That’s how the Smart Implant was born. We want to provide solutions that can integrate not only modern devices into a Smart Home ecosystem, but also those that hold sentimental value, or ones we love for their ‘old-school’ design. says Krzysztof Banasiak, FIBAR Group S.A. Board Member.

Smart Implant has its own measures that prevent faulty installation and is easy to install, so do-it-yourself and electronics enthusiasts can try their hand at making their own smart home modifications. The device’s modules can be updated wirelessly. The Smart Implant lets users integrate home appliances such as older alarm systems with their Smart Home ecosystem, as well as devices that hold sentimental value to them. It’s the easiest way to, for example, integrate your favourite vinyl record player with your FIBARO Smart Home system.

Smart Implant has 2 inputs operating in either a binary or a 0-10V mode, and 1 digital input which can be connected to a maximum of 6 temperature sensors (DS18B20), or a temperature and humidity sensor (DHT-22). Once connected to 2 external buttons, the device can send up to 12 different control instructions.

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