Home Automation for customers - No computer-savvy required

“How can I turn all the lights off in my house with the touch of a button?”
“How can I set my house lights to turn on 30 minutes before sunset?”

What do you say when clients ask these questions? If you try to sidestep the issue, don’t worry, we understand. While it was once true that home automation was expensive, required costly off-site contractor training and multiple trips to a job site, that’s no longer the case.

Today’s intelligent lighting solutions are much less expensive and wired exactly the same way as regular ones. Just install the devices the way you always have and then direct clients to a mobile app. The work is the sameno computer tech-savvy requiredbut the end result offers clients more control, convenience, and customisation.

“The consumer is driving this,” said Greg Rhoades, director of marketing for smart homes at Leviton®. “This is the future. Some of these millennials were born with an iPhone in their hand. They use Siri to order an Uber and Alexa to order Domino’s Pizza. Home automation is less about customer desire and more about expectation.

“We’re not trying to make home automation products look like something out of the Jetsons. A smart dimmer is going to look like a regular dimmer and contractors are going to wire it exactly the same way they always have,” Rhoades said.

Still nervous about taking the plunge into home automation? With a minimum investment, you can test a solution at home to boost your comfort level before using it in a client project.


Source: Leviton

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