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Accor Hotels is a French multinational company that owns, manages and franchises over 30 different brands of hotels, resorts and vacation properties, ranging from luxury to economy. They are the largest hotel group in the world outside of the United States as they operate over 4,500 hotels in more than 100 countries. The company employs over 250,000 people and is headquartered in Paris.

Moving to a modern, digital communications solution
AccorHotels was looking to upgrade the outdated legacy systems running in most of their hotels around the world, and decided to start with one of their flagship hotels in Paris, the Novotel Paris Coeur d’Orly Airport.

Their goal was to implement completely digital, open-source SIP unified communication solution that gave them access to thousands of customisable voice, video, data and mobility features that would improve operations and customer service. AccorHotels wanted a solution that would make it easy for staff and guests to communicate with HD voice and video delivered on robust endpoints. They also wanted to provide guests with meeting and business spaces equipped with products that would deliver a seamless meeting experience. AccorHotels solution needed to be state-of-the-art, future-proof and redundant - without being complicated to install or manage.

Implementing a Grandstream Solution
After analysing and considering many different options for their new solution, Aziz Fassasi, IT Manager for AccorHotels, selected a unified communication solution from Grandstream. The solution was anchored on the backend by two UCM6510 IP PBXs integrated with the HA100 High Availability Controller for complete redundancy. The hotel also deployed a wide-range of Grandstream IP voice, video and conferencing phones as well as our free softphone app, Greandstream Wave.


Highlights of AccorHotels Grandstream Solution

  • Complete redundancy

  • Improved Guest Experience

  • State-of-the-art Business Centre

  • Increased staff communication

  • Easy Guest Communications

  • Hotel Management Software Integration


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Front Desk and Concierge
GXP2135s were deployed at the front desk and concierge. The GXP2135 offers a sleek high-end design with up to 32 digital speed dial keys, 8 lines/4 SIP accounts, Gigabit speeds and 4-way calling to allow staff to quickly and easily deal with any situation.

Business Centre and Hotel Lobby

The Novotel Paris Coeur d’Orly, Airport offers a full business centre stocked with Grandstream IP Phones. The GAC2500 Android Conference Phone and GXP2135 were deployed to allow guests to hold meetings and make calls on easy-to-use yet high-end devices.

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Administrative and Staff Offices
The GXV3240 IP Video Phone allows staff to make video calls to each other for improved efficiency while also having access to 6 SIP accounts, the web and Android apps on a sleek device. Staff also utilise Grandstream Wave, our free softphone app.

Guest Rooms

The GXP1630 was installed in all guest rooms. This streamlined, basic IP phone is easy-to-use yet offers convenient features including 8 dedicated buttons to make it easy to contact hotel staff and Gigabit speeds to support the fastest possible connection.


Communications and Management Network

A main UCM6510 was installed and then integrated with another UCM6510 through the HA100 High Availability Controller to create a fully redundant solution. The UCM6510 supports up to 2000 devices and offers voice, video, data and mobility support, making it both scalable and future-proof without requiring any extra fees.



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