Epson Price Change - 1 August 2022

Dear Alloys Partner,

As you may be aware, over the past 12 months we have seen dramatic price increases to global logistic costs and component shortages due to COVID-19 impacting our international manufacturing facilities causing major delays around most electronic products which are beyond our control. Due to these factors, Epson Australia is announcing a price increase to the RRP for select scanners in the Epson Scanner Range. Whilst we have been able to absorb rising costs up until now, unfortunately we cannot continue with the current pricing from August 2022. We understand the sensitivity of any price change and have worked hard to minimise the increase.

The new pricing is effective from 1st August 2022. We will honour current pricing based on current backorders and the allocation of incoming stock. Backorders remaining in the system after the 31st July will need to be cancelled and placed at the new price. Forward orders placed for invoicing and supply from 1st August will be entered at the new price.

Please contact your Alloys Account Manager for the price list.

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