Bring Your Own Meeting with ScreenBeam at Alloys Integrate Expo

The Alloys stand at the Integrate Expo 2023 was a testament to the industry's commitment to innovation. Among the standouts at the expo was ScreenBeam, accompanied by experts Johnny Lin and Bo Xie, who showcased their solutions in the context of Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM).

ScreenBeam Inc., a leading provider of wireless display and collaboration solutions, offers app-free screen sharing across all modern devices, revolutionising wireless collaboration in meeting spaces and classrooms. Seamless connectivity is essential, especially in the Audio-Visual industry.

ScreenBeam's presence at the Alloys Integrate Expo was a success, marked by an array of impressive demos that delved into the world of BYOM, a concept that is becoming increasingly relevant in both educational and corporate environments.

  1. Interactive Demos: ScreenBeam's demos captivated the audience by showcasing how easy it is to connect and present using their wireless solutions. 

  2. SB1100P and USB Pro Switch: A star of the ScreenBeam stand was the popular SB1100P, which was on full display and being demonstrated. The addition of the ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch took this experience to the next level. This innovative switch allows users to effortlessly switch between multiple devices, making presentations and meetings smoother than ever.

  3. Special Offer: ScreenBeam also had exciting news for attendees. The ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch is currently available for free if you apply for NFR (Not For Resale). Click here to see more information regarding this deal.

  4. BYOM in Action: Johnny Lin and Bo Xie demonstrated how BYOM is not just a concept but a practical solution for modern AV needs. 

  5. Product Compatibility: One of the standout features of ScreenBeam's solutions is their compatibility with a wide range of devices. This flexibility is crucial in today's dynamic work and learning environments.

  6. Perfect Fit for Education and Corporate Environments: ScreenBeam's BYOM technology was particularly well-received by educators and professionals alike. In the education sector, it allows students and teachers to seamlessly share content from their devices to the classroom display. In corporate environments, it simplifies meetings, ensuring that everyone can connect and present with ease.


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