An interview with Matt from Port Douglas Stationery Hub


Alloys’ Brisbane branch manager Kellie spoke with Matt to understand what made him fly down from Port Douglas just to attend the Alloys Open Day.

Kellie: Hi Matt, what made you to move from Melbourne to Port Douglas?
Matt: My family and I moved from Melbourne to Port Douglas, Queensland, just over 3 years ago for the ultimate sea change.  Despite having no experience in stationery what I did have was experience with customer service and knew I could build something successful around my customer service philosophies. 

Kellie: How did you find partnering with Alloys?
Matt: Over the last 3 years I have reduced my supply partners to only one, buying everything from Alloys where I can.  There are still a couple of items I need to buy from alternative suppliers but to be honest we are trying to phase out these vendors anyway. 
Alloys always has information for me that is so much more valuable than just price and availability.

Kellie: What’s the next step, Matt?
Matt: The majority of my client base is in the hospitality industry and I get very few walk in customers. I am working hard to transition my business from traditional retail to a more corporate, consultative style business and so I need the right partners who can help me to expand with the right products.

Kellie: So transit into more of a B2B provider, right?
Matt: Yes. I don’t see the point in competing with the likes of Officeworks. Ultimately I want to be able to provide a managed print solution for my client base.

Kellie: Lastly, tell us what prompted you to travel the 1800 kilometres to Alloys for the open day?
Matt: Alloys is the only distributor who has ever bothered to visit me in Far North Queensland and if they can make the effort then so can I. 
Alloys cares about the success of my business.

Matt with Grandstream representative Ben 

While Matt was with us on the day, he signed up to become a Kyocera partner as we felt this was the best option for him. He also feels he may have a place in his business for Grandstream which have the range to suit him right through his transition in to a B2B provider. 

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