Alloys Tee Off 2023: Networking won the day as Grandstream claimed victory!

In its second year, the Alloys Tee Off event marked another successful event that fostered strong relationships with our customers, suppliers, and staff. While the weather did eventually play a small part, we were fortunately blessed with a breathtaking sandbelt course that provided an ideal setting for the occasion on and off the course. Click here to view event photos.


Despite the challenges posed by the weather, the event remained a great success. The rain didn't dampen the spirits of the participants, who were determined to make the most of the event.

The winners of the Alloys Tee Off 2023 were celebrated for their exceptional performance and sportsmanship throughout the tournament. The event featured a range of competitions to add excitement to the day.

The Grandstream team emerged as the overall champions, with Ryan Eddy of Unified Electronic Solutions, Calum Sugden of Oz Smart Things, Ben Miall of Grandstream, and Andrew Rubin of Alloys leading the charge to win the 2023 Tee Off.


Nearest to Pin Medallists:

  • Stan Nguyen (Fujitsu) – Hole 2
  • Lee Farrell (Amari Visual) – Hole 7
  • David Watt (Celmac) – Hole 14

Longest Drive Medallists:

  • Ryan Eddy (Unified Electronic Solutions) – Hole 3
  • Ryan Eddy (Unified Electronic Solutions) – Hole 5 - Kyocera Printer Winner!
  • Stan Nguyen (Fujitsu) – Hole 15
  • Jim Rhodes (GolfSim) – Hole 17

Beat the Pro Winners:

  • Theo Nikolopoulos (Alloys)
  • Jarrod White (Spandex)
  • Wayne McIntyre (Celmac)
  • Craig Hunter (Blue Connections)
  • Dwayne Williams (SKS)
  • Mark Vella (Kyocera)

With the resounding success of the Alloys Tee Off 2023, we are eagerly looking forward to the event's next instalment, anticipating even greater moments of connection and fun filled memories at the course.


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