7 reasons your customers should throw out external hard drives for a QNAP NAS

Direct Attached Storage (DAS) has had its day! More and more photos, videos, and documents are produced every day and sharing access to files is more and more common. Traditional external hard drives are simply no longer convenient, efficient, or secure. Network Attached Storage (NAS) is purpose-built for 21st Century work and leisure. Designed to support modern life, NAS is your smart, efficient, and up-to-date file storage, backup, entertainment, and secure sharing solution.

Why external drives are out of fashion?

External hard drives were considered convenient… last century! They were a simple way to store files—plug in the external caddy and, as long as the disc was the right format, not too full, or failing, it was ready to go. However, the overly simple and traditional storage solution no longer satisfies the needs of modern life. Imagine that you are at a meeting and the USB is at home or worse, it simply stops working. You have to remember where the presentation is stored because there is no quick way to search the external disk. You want to share a large folder of great holiday pictures with your friends, but they’re too big for email. These situations happen every day. There is a better way.


A QNAP NAS is your central storage system with multiple hard drives that is constantly online and always available, from anywhere. Powered by the elegant and intuitive QTS operating system, QNAP NAS is your customers easy-to-use, customisable personal server with a comprehensive range of solutions including a very capable file manager, backup manager, download manager, access permissions, multimedia center, and a lot more!

Why your customers should care:

1. All customer files, in one place.
Do your customers get frustrated searching through endless folders, computers, and external drives? Consolidate all their files into one location so they can find what they need in mere seconds. They will love you for it!

2. Back up customer files. Never lose a thing.
No more dedicated external hard drives for your backups. QTS provides multiple convenient backup options, including Apple Time Machine for Mac®, QNAP NetBak Replicator for Windows®, USB one-touch copy function, remote backup via RTRR/rsync, and cloud backup solutions for a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, no matter what devices your customers is using.

3. Share files anytime, from anywhere.
No more carrying external HDDs and USBs! Now your customers can access their files on the NAS anytime, anywhere from any device, securely, and easily. No more handing over the drives to friends or colleagues one-by-one to share documents, photos, music, or videos. QTS offers several convenient ways to share including email attachments, sharing links, and sharing on social networks, making sharing easier than ever.

4. Multiple built-in protections for customer data.
Securing your customers data from online threats and disk failures could not be easier. Using RAID, your customers can still have their data restored if a hard drive fails by simply replacing the failed drive with a new one*. QNAP NAS support multiple types of RAID setups that are suited to all usage scenarios. Additionally, industry standard security mechanisms including 2-step verification, volume/shared folder encryption and instant alerts to mobile devices are also built-in enabling you to rest assured that your customers data is both safe and secure.

* Data restoration depends on what RAID type is applied on your NAS and not available for all types.

5. Enjoy home multimedia center.
Going beyond centralised and secure storage, with a QNAP NAS your customers have a home server that also enables them to stream all their content via HDMI, Chromecast™, AirPlay®, iTunes®, Plex, DLNA® and Bluetooth supported devices and so much more. QNAP NAS is a very capable multi-zone multimedia control system, allowing customers to stream media to different rooms from one single device.

6. Quickly find the right data with Qsirch.
Manually searching for a specific file is very frustrating, especially when you need it urgently. QNAP’s Qsirch is the all-new full-text smart search engine to help your customers quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for in seconds. Qsirch has intelligent predictive search built-in that begins searching while they type, highlights keywords in the results to make immediately identifying the right result easy, and automatically learns from queries to speed up future searches.

7. Cross-platform file sharing for group collaboration.
External hard drives are restricted to one device at one time. This is very inconvenient when it comes to group collaboration projects where everybody needs access to a synchronised document regardless of his or her location. QNAP NAS support SMB/CIFS, NFS, and AFP file sharing meaning team members are able to access the files using Windows®, Mac®, Linux®/UNIX®or Android™ & iOS® devices. QNAP NAS also provides handy file synchronisation across various devices, increasing work efficiency and collaboration across departments and branch offices.

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