10 Reasons why you should consider shifting to laser projectors

Laser has become a great projection solution for companies, universities and schools. With incredible image quality, very low running costs and the peace of mind of not needing to change lamps laser has become the new frontier in projectors. Here are the 10 key reasons why laser projectors are revolutionising the industry.

1. Laser projectors has longer lifespan

Usually a typical projector lamp lasts few thousand hours at best, but laser projectors, like the SY-VPLPHZ10 for instance, have an operation lifespan of 20,000 hours. This basically means that the light source doesn’t need to be replaced for almost 10 years of normal usage.

2. Higher productivity and less interruptions

No lamp changing means no surprises, during or just before a presentation. Laser means that the product you get will be running without any lamp replacing for several years.

3. Lower ownership costs

No maintenance. No downtime. No lamps. With a filter replacement’s lifespan of 20,000 hours a laser projector maintains its peak operating condition at all times. In this sense, maintenance needs are also reduced. Usually there is also a labour cost involved when changing lamps, especially if the projector is installed in a high celling. Laser means significantly lower cost ownership compared with conventional projectors.

4. Brighter images

Laser technology allow manufacturers to develop new technologies, like Sony's BrightEra 3LCD projection engine to deliver extremely bright images. This deliver brighter, high contrast pictures resulting in more colour accuracy and stability.

5. Stay bright, without fading

Constant Brightness. Lamp source fades over time which results in dimmer and duller presentations as the lamp ages. Therefore, even a 5,000 projector lamp looses brightness after some years. Laser brightness last longer, resulting in clearest, brighter and beautiful presentation as the last.

6. No waiting times

Laser projectors light turns off and on instantly. Lamp projectors require some time until the lamp warm up or cool down, which may represent a waste of time during a lecture or during an important presentation.

7. Flexible and easy installation

No lamp means no special installation requirements.  Sony PHZ10 for instance can be positioned freely at any angle, or its side or even upside down.

8. More environmentally friendly and more clean 

Laser projectors usually have several energy saving features. This not only reduces electricity bills, but most importantly, are kinder on the environment. Additionally, lasers models such as Sony PHZ10 include automated filter cleaning system that removes dust every 100 hours.

9. Quite operation

Lower energy consumption means lower heating that results in low fan noise. This ensures discreet, unobtrusive operation in quiet environments for academic and corporate use.

10. Laser projector is a global trend

Considering all above advantages, it's no wonder that laser is the technology that all manufacturers are now adopting. This means that getting a lamp projector will represent having an old technology in 3 or 5 years. Laser gives superb performance plus the reassurance of a future-proofed solution for the long term.

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